What kind of oil does an electric chainsaw use?

What kind of oil does an electric chainsaw use

Whether you own an electric or gasoline-powered chainsaw, you will need lubricating oil to facilitate its performance. How do electric and gasoline chainsaws defer? Even though both can cut through woods of particular diameters, electric and gas-based chainsaws have several differences. The main factor that differentiates the two is the source of energy. Gasoline saws generate their power through gas engines. An electric chainsaw, on the other hand, has a motor that is powered by either a portable battery or the mains electricity.

Most gas-powered chainsaws will require that you mix gasoline with oil before refilling. Electric chainsaws will only need bar and chain lubricating oil. As a beginner, finding the right oil for your chainsaw can be an intimidating task. Note that if you don’t use the recommended type of oil, you might end up damaging your chainsaw. So, what kind of oil does your electric chainsaw use?

What kind of oil does an electric chainsaw use

Gas and Oil Mixture

This is only applicable to the gasoline chainsaws. In this case, gas is mixed with oil at a ratio of 50:1. You should be careful with the amount of oil you add in your chainsaw’s fuel since it determines the general operation of the machine. Too little oil makes the chainsaw inefficient, while too much of it may damage the engine.

Bar and Chain Oil

Both electric and gasoline chainsaws need lubricating oil for the bar and chain. Usually, the manufacturer will indicate where you should pour the oil. After buying a new chainsaw, you will also need to secure a bar and chain oil (this is bought separately). In some chainsaws, there is a transparent window where you can easily check the oil level.

Can you run an electric chainsaw without bar oil?

Many beginners ask this question, maybe because of the extra costs that come with buying bar and chain oil. Well, the short answer is, “NO!” It is better to spend a few more bucks and lubricate your saw than risk damaging it. So, why is bar and chain oil important to an electric chainsaw?

During cutting, the chain moves quite first and also comes into contact with the bar. The friction generated in the process eats away the metal. This is the reason why you will need to make sure that this part is constantly lubricated during operation. As such, it will increase the durability and efficiency of your saw.

How to Add Bar and Chain Oil to Your Electric Chainsaw

Now that you are well aware of the significance of bar and chain oil to your electric chainsaw let us see how to refill it. As stated earlier, new chainsaws do not come prefilled with oil. Therefore, you will first need to buy the recommended oil separately. Once you have everything set, follow the procedures below.

  1. Remove the portable battery when refilling a cordless chainsaw or disconnect from the mains supply if it is a corded one. Remember, electric chainsaws are very easy to start. Therefore, any mistake could lead to injuries if the chainsaw is connected to an active power source. Place the saw on a flat surface and allow it to cool.
  2. Look for a cap labeled “bar oil” (or something similar) and clean it to get rid of any debris. You can skip this part if it is a new chainsaw because, well, it is still clean. Now turn the cap in an anticlockwise direction to open then remove it.
  3. Place a small funnel into the tank and pour the bar and chain oil. Some people prefer pouring the oil directly to the tank, but I recommend using a funnel because it makes work a lot easier and prevents spilling. Make sure you don’t exceed the “full mark” just below the tank’s neck.
  4. Remove the funnel, place the cap back to its position and close it. Wipe off any spillage, and you are good to go!

What type of Oil Does an Electric Chainsaw Use?

So far, you have learned that good electric chainsaws do not use fuel to run. As such, the only kind of oil they will need is the bar and chain oil. This oil is used by all chainsaws to lubricate the chain. However, not all oils labelled “bar and chain” are ideal for your saw. JosephFiorePainter.com wants to say thanks to PowerOfTool.com blog for help us.

The first thing you should do before purchasing a lubricant is to check the manufacturer’s manual. Every chainsaw manufacturer recommends a specific bar and chain oil for the saw. What distinguishes one bar oil from another?

  • The main difference is their viscosity. One chainsaw will work best with a highly viscous oil while another needs lighter oil. For instance, if your saw is designed for heavy tasks, the heat generated by the chain and bar will be high. As such, the manufacturer might recommend using a more viscous oil to prevent quick evaporation. Weather conditions may also determine the weight of oil used.
  • Your place of operation is also another determinant of the kind of oil you can use. Manufacturers give alternatives in their manual, and this is meant to widen your range of options. For instance, if you are working deep in the forest, you ought to keep in mind the safety of wildlife. As such, your best choice of oil will be the vegetable bar and chain oil. This will not have used adverse effects on animals and other living things if it spills off.

Closing Remarks

Next time you go to the store, ensure that you pick the right kind of oil for your chainsaw. You can check the manufacturer’s manual to find out which bar and chain oil is ideal for your electric chainsaw. If you can’t find the oil recommended by the manufacturer, go for the closest alternative.

What is Bar and Chain Oil: Detailed Explanation

What is Bar and Chain Oil

Are you new to the chainsaws and their accessories? Welcome to our world where tools make our work easier. But, that can only happen if we maintain these tools and let them operate at their optimum level.

As you learn more about chainsaws, you will come across certain terms that might seem confusing the first time you see them. For instance, is there any difference between motor oil and chain oil? Well, that will be the focus of our article, so read on to find out more.

What is Bar and Chain Oil

The Oil types used by Chainsaws

A gasoline-powered chainsaw requires two types of oil for it to operate effectively. The first is motor oil, and this is mixed with gas then poured into the gas tank. The other oil type is the bar and chain oil which fills the oil chamber. Both of these oils are important, and a gas-powered chainsaw cannot be run without either of them.

However, an electric chainsaw only requires the bar and chain oil for its operation. Why is motor oil not applicable to electric chainsaws? Motor oil is mixed with gasoline and poured to the gas chamber, which of course, is absent in the electric chainsaw models. That is a simple but inconclusive answer.

Anyway, electric chainsaws use electric power in place of fuel, and an electric motor in place of a gas engine. Therefore, the only thing they share with gasoline chainsaws is the bar and chain oil. Let us explore the functions of these lubricants in the next section. 

What is the work of Bar and Chain Oil?

Before JosephFiorepainter.com answer this question, let us first see the significance of mixing motor oil with gasoline. A gas engine has a lot of moving parts within it, and these series of motions lead to friction. Therefore, the work of motor oil, in this case, is to lubricate and reduce the friction developed between these parts. That further explains why you wouldn’t find motor oil being used in an electric chainsaw.

Now, back to bar and chain oil: the hint is in the name. As you run your chainsaw, you will notice that the chain moves along the guide bar. Similar to the parts in the engine, the chain brushes against the bar hence leading to heat generation. The repercussion of this heat could be adverse; in fact, you might end up replacing the chain. Also, the friction developed creates a barrier that will strain your chainsaw’s engine or motor. As such, the durability of your chainsaw will reduce drastically.

The work of bar and chain oil, therefore, is to lubricate the chain and the guide bar hence reducing the resulting friction. As a side note: you can never get rid of friction, what the lubricants do is reduce the impact.

Can Motor Oil Work in Place of Bar and Chain Oil?

One of the most asked questions about chainsaw lubrication is whether motor oil can substitute bar and chain oil. Well, sometimes it is understandably tempting to use readily available motor oil rather than rushing back to the shop to get a new bar and chain oil. Whether it is safe to do, so is one debate that is yet to be resolved.

Nonetheless, most experts insist that you should only use high-quality oil. One of the main disadvantages of using motor oil instead of a bar and chain oil is that it is not as sticky as required. Since it is already broken down, it will sling off the chainsaw faster. As such, it will not be effective in its work.

The safest option is to follow the manufacturer’s manual. Normally, in this manual, the manufacturer will recommend the best oil then give a few alternatives. Here are some of the most popular types of bar and chain oil.

Husqvarna 610000023 Bar & Chain Oil

Husqvarna 610000023 Bar & Chain Oil

This oil from one of the most reputable manufacturers of chainsaws and chainsaw accessories reduces heat and friction. One amazing fact about this oil is that it can be used to lubricate just about any chainsaw available in the market.

Oregon 54-026 Bar & Chain Oil

Oregon 54-026 Bar & Chain Oil

Whether you are seasoned professional or a beginner in the chainsaw world, there is a good chance that you have come across some Oregon products. Apart from producing among the best chains, the company is also known for manufacturing high-quality bar and chain oil.

Oregon 54-026 has high film strength which prevents wear and tear of metal parts. It also resists the build-up of deposits which could clog parts of your chainsaw.

Bar and Chain Oil Alternatives

Sometimes you might struggle to find the exact brand of oil recommended as the first choice by the manufacturer. In such scenarios, the chainsaw manual usually contains an alternative set of oils from which you can select the most accessible one. If they are not indicated on the manual, you can try the following options.

First, before you decide on which oil best suits your needs, you should consider a few factors. Slipperiness, for instance, defers with the type of oil you choose. A slippery lubricant will not allow any debris to stick on the bar during operation. This is important because you wouldn’t want anything blocking the movement of the chain.

Another thing to consider is the stickiness. The alternative has to stick on the chain long enough despite the revolution speed. Lastly, it should be environmentally friendly, especially if you are cutting trees around wildlife. This brings us to our first selection; the vegetable oil.

In addition to its affordability, vegetable oils are also biodegradable. As such, you can use it to clear bushes without destroying the environment with spillages. Imagine a scenario where you want to quarter a lamb; this is the perfect time to use vegetable oil as your lubricant.

Canola oil is another good alternative to the standard bar and chain oil. If you are easily irritated with the manufacturer’s recommended oil, then you should consider using canola oil. 

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Motor Oil for Chainsaw: One of the good alternatives

Motor Oil for Chainsaw

Have you ever heard of 2T oil – another name for two-stroke engine oil? If not, read on to find out more because it is important that you understand everything about chainsaws before you buy or operate one. First, you need to know that there are two types of oil used to improve the operation of a chainsaw. For a gasoline-powered chainsaw, you will need motor oil and bar/chain oil for lubrication. An electric chainsaw only requires the latter for efficient operation.

If you have been around most gas-powered tools and machines, you will realise that they use a mixture of gasoline and oil as their fuel. This is mandatory, and JosephFiorepainter.com will discuss the reasons later in this article. Bar and chain oil, on the other hand, has its chamber and its purpose is to keep the chain and bar lubricated throughout the process. So, why do you need motor oil in your chainsaw?

Motor Oil for Chainsaw

The Functions of Motor Oil

It might seem like something you can forego but mixing gasoline with a little oil when refilling improves the performance of your chainsaw. Motor oil is like the blood of your chainsaw’s engine. It is possible to run a chainsaw with only gasoline most of the moving parts in the engine will be damaged even before you complete your third task.

The main purpose of any oil is lubrication, and motor oil is no exception. The engine of a chainsaw, like any other, has many moving parts that work together to achieve the desired output. These components come into contact with each other during movement and that generates some friction. This is one force that you don’t want in your engine. In fact, the more it builds up, the more the components wear out. Motor oil comes in as a lubricant and reduces the rubbing effect.

Also, during operation, a lot of heat is generated between the parts mentioned above. There is, therefore, a need for a cooling system. The motor oil transfers heat away from these components hence acting as a coolant.

Another quite important function of motor oil in chainsaws is cleaning of the engine. As it moves around various parts of the engine, the oil picks up debris and other unwanted particles that might have been trapped within the area. Motor oil also protects various components and engine walls from corrosion. It does so by reducing oxidation due to additives.

The rate of fuel consumption is one of the main factors that most people consider before buying a chainsaw or any gas-powered machine. To reduce fuel consumption, it is advisable to add motor oil to gasoline. As such, the moving components in the engine become slipperier and less force is required to move them.

Composition of Chainsaw Oil

Typical chainsaw oil is composed of refined mineral oils. It also has anti-wear corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. Besides, a tack additive is included so that the oil can stick to the parts that need lubrication.

The Standard Ratio of gas to oil

As you mix gasoline with motor oil, you should consider the correct ratio for that particular chainsaw. Every manufacturer specifies the ratio that is suitable for the engine installed in the saw, but it is usually around 30:1 per unit volume. What happens if you put too much oil or insufficient oil?

Let us start with a scenario where you have added more oil to your chainsaw’s engine than the recommended amount. This might lead to engine overload due to the production of excessive oil soot which blocks the suction hose. As such, it might end up damaging the engine or any other related part. When you add insufficient oil to your chainsaw’s fuel, there will be more friction and overheating within the engine.

The Best Motor Oil for Chainsaws

Universal Low Smoke 2T

Universal Low Smoke 2T

This high-quality two-stroke oil has been designed to work almost any two-stroke engine. The manufacturers suggest that it is ideal for handheld products such as chainsaws. When mixing, the recommended ratio is 50:1; in other words, 0.1L is enough for a five-litre bottle of fuel.

Explorer 2T Oil

Manufactured by Explorer, this motor oil is packed in a small black bottle that is easy to open. Among its additives is a fuel stabiliser that ensures the gasoline does not combust when it is not required.

Buzzard Creek Supply 3 STIHL 2T

Buzzard Creek Supply 3 STIHL 2T

Manufactured and supplied by STIHL, the world’s renowned chainsaw manufacturer, Buzzard Creek Supply is among the best motor oils for chainsaws. It is designed specifically for chainsaws; so, you can rest assured that it will accomplish whatever it is supposed to.

AMSOIL Saber Professional Synthetic 2T

AMSOIL Saber Professional Synthetic 2T

Finally, we have a brand that can be mixed using nearly any ratio recommended by the chainsaw manufacturer. Amsoil Saber professional Synthetic is affordable blue oil from a company known as Amsoil. Another thing that puts it on this list is the fact that it has low smoke properties. As such, you will not only be saving your financial side of life but the environment for the better of tomorrow.


There are various types of chainsaw motor oil in the market, but not every one of them can be used in your chainsaw. Before buying new oil, please consider the manufacturer’s manual to avoid any frustrations. Also, ensure that you understand the mix ratio recommended for your chainsaw and the oil you’ve just bought.

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Biodegradable bar and chain oil: Can you use it?

Biodegradable bar and chain oil

As you continue working with chainsaws, you will realize that there are different types of lubricants in the market. Every lubricant is manufactured to serve a specific function at a given time; therefore, you might need to gather more information before deciding on which oil to buy.

It is essential to first understand the significance of bar and chain oil in the general operation of a chainsaw. A gasoline-powered chainsaw requires two kinds of oil – motor oil and bar/chain oil – to work effectively. An electric chainsaw, on the other hand, only needs the bar and chain oil.

Motor oil is used to lubricate internal parts of the gas engine. An electric chainsaw doesn’t need this because it has an electric motor in place of an engine.

Importance of Bar and Chain Oil

You should not run any chainsaw, whether electric or gas-powered, without bar and chain oil. This oil helps lubricate the chain and bar, hence reducing the friction between them.

Can a chainsaw operate without bar and chain oil? Of course, it can run. But the friction that develops between the chain and the guide bar will render it inefficient. The engine will be strained, and you might end up replacing several parts within a short period.

What is a biodegradable bar and chain oil?

You must have come across the word ‘biodegradable’ while looking for the best chainsaw oil. It means anything that can be decomposed by bacteria and integrated into the soil hence avoiding environmental pollution.

Since bar and chain oil works on the chain, it might be spilled off from time to time. If you are using the standard oil, there are high chances that you will pollute the environment in which you are working. As a matter of fact, this is one of the main disadvantages of using chainsaws to cut down trees.

In recent years, manufacturers have worked out several ways to reduce such pollution. One of these ways is the use of biodegradable chain guide bar oil. In case you spill this oil, it will be decomposed and become part of the soil.

Is biodegradable oil an effective lubricant?

Much has been said about the effectivity of these oils and whether they are better than the standard lubricant in reducing friction. It is important to note that most of these lubricants are from the same manufacturers who came up with the traditional oils.

Factors to consider when selecting a biodegradable oil

Biodegradable lubricants come with different properties, some of which might not be ideal for your chainsaw. Therefore, you will need to consider several factors before deciding which one to buy.

The main thing to put in mind is the task you wish to accomplish. Note that heavy tasks lead to more heat production than the lighter ones. This temperature variation determines the weight of the lubricant required. That brings us to the first factor; oil thickness – the thicker the oil, the higher the chances of staying on the chain. In warmer conditions, you should use more viscous oil while in colder conditions, it is advisable to use oil that freely runs at room temperature.

Your financial department should also be considered when it comes to buying a new bar and chain oil. Different manufacturers charge differently for their products. But as you plan your budget, know that the quality of these oils is directly proportional to their cost.

The best biodegradable bar and chain oil

Are you on the lookout for the best chain guide bar oil? Here are some environmentally friendly options from which you could pick. Ensure you read the manufacturer’s manual first before making your final decision. Every chainsaw has a brand of oil that works best as its lubricant.

Stihl BioPlus Bar & Chain Oil

Stihl BioPlus Bar & Chain Oil

Manufactured by one of the best in the business, Stihl BioPlus provides maximum lubrication to your chain during operation. This vegetable-based oil maintains its high performance regardless of the working circumstances. Whether it is too hot or too cold, Stihl BioPlus never loses its lubricity and adhesion.

It has won the Blue Angel environmental award for its ability to decompose in the soil thoroughly. What sets it apart from the rest of biodegradable lubricants is that it doesn’t pollute water. As such, it can be used around the aquatic life without any fear of endangering the animals or upcoming plants.

Husqvarna X-Guard Premium Chain & Bar Oil

Husqvarna X-Guard Premium Chain & Bar Oil

Another famous player in the world of power tools is Husqvarna. Apart from chainsaws and other tools, the company also manufactures bar and chain oil.

Husqvarna X-Guard is one of the best lubricants currently in the market and is best known for its biodegradable features. It can decompose entirely after only 28 days. As such, it is safe to use in an area where environmental cleanliness is prioritized. The premium tackifier additive ensures that the oil maintains its lubrication for optimum performance.

NV Earth Biodegradable Oil

NV Earth Biodegradable Oil

Manufactured with American seed oils, NV Earth is one of the ultimate environmentally friendly lubricants available in the market. It is designed from renewable resources that ensure low carbon footprints and high decomposition. If you are looking for a chainsaw lubricant that will improve your machine’s performance and maintain high environmental standards, then NV Earth is your best choice.

Closing Remarks

With more environmental regulations in recent years, there has never been a better time to try biodegradable lubricants. There are many types of such oils in the market, and it is upon you to choose the right one for your chainsaw.

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Best 2 stroke oil for chainsaw

Best 2 stroke oil for chainsaw

Universal Low Smoke 2 Stroke Oil for All 2 Stroke Engines

If you own a product that runs on an engine, whether that’s a car, or a chainsaw, one thing you need to make sure that you do, on at least a semi-regular basis, is top up the oil. Without the oil, your engine will not be able to run. It’s the magical liquid that gives it the power to move. On the other hand, it’s not great for the environment as it does realise a load of toxic pollutants into the air.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best oils for two stroke engines.

What is a two stroke engine

A two stroke engine is any engine that completes one cycle within two strokes of the piston. Advantages of these types of engine that they’re lighter than the alternative; 4 stroke engines.

The way these engines work is when the piston is down, the new gas can enter into the upper chamber. And when the piston goes up again, this gas is pressurised, and hits a spark at the top of the engine. Meanwhile, the exhaust gases escape out of a separate valve.

If that sounds complicated, that’s because it is. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of people who uses engines on a regular basis who don’t understand them either.

2 stroke vs 4 stroke

The biggest difference between two stroke and four stroke oils that two stroke will need to be mixed with gasoline. This is because four stroke engines have an automatic lubrication system that two stroke engines do not.

What happens then if you attempt to use 4 stroke oil in a situation where you should be using 2 stroke oil?
Well, the main thing is that there will be a bigger build up of soot, this will impact the performance of the engine by making it not work as efficiently and increasing the chances of it becoming clogged up.

Here are my personal top 6 2 stroke engine oils….

Universal Low Smoke 2 Stroke Oil for All 2 Stroke Engines

Universal Low Smoke 2 Stroke Oil for All 2 Stroke Engines

The first one on this list Universal Low Smoke. This one, as the name will probably suggest, prides itself on the fact that it doesn’t produce too much smoke.

It claims that whilst it works well in all two stroke engines, it works best in engines for handheld products, such as chainsaws.

The bottle also has a really nice design with a small dosage department at the top so that you can always ensure you’re giving your chainsaw just the right amount.

And don’t worry if you don’t use your chainsaw too much, because this stuff has a shelf life of 6 years.

Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil

Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil

Next on the list, we have a budget friendly, but also workman friendly 2 stroke oil from Comma. This is a great product for those who don’t have the highest budget in the world, but still want a high quality oil.
The amount of ash it produces is very low, so you won’t be needing to clean out the engine too often. It also mixes with fuel incredibly easily, so they’ll be no need to worry about anything of that sort. It also has an easy start formula.

EXPLORER 2 Cycle Engine Oil

EXPLORER 2 Cycle Engine Oil

The next oil on this list is from the company known as ‘Explorer’. It comes in a sleek looking black bottle that’s easy to store, and unlike some other bottles, it’s also easy to open. As with other oils, in order to figure out how much oil you need to add for each part gasoline, you’ll need to look at the users manual for the chainsaw.

One great thing about this particular oil is that it contains fuel stabiliser. This is an important safety chemical that ensures the gasoline in your chainsaw won’t combust when it doesn’t need to.

Buzzard Creek Supply 3 STIHL Oil Mix 1 Gallon HP 2-Cycle Engine Oil

Buzzard Creek Supply 3 STIHL Oil Mix 1 Gallon HP 2-Cycle Engine Oil

Fourthly on this list, we have an oil from the company ‘Buzzard Creek Supply’. It comes in a simple orange bottle, with no fancy packaging. The oil itself is actually made by the chainsaw company STIHL. That means it’s from an established brand, so you know you’re getting a good product.

When you buy from the link above, you can get them in a special deal, because you won’t only be getting one bottle, but you’ll be getting three. It ships to anywhere in America within 3 business days.

It’s a simple product, but boy does it do the job that it’s supposed to.

AMSOIL Saber Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

AMSOIL Saber Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

Preliminarily, we have a blue oil from Amsoil. This particular brand of oil prides itself on being one oil that covers all mix ratios. This means that no what the mix ratio of oil to gasoline that your chainsaw needs, this oil is going to be able to do the job.

It also claims that it’s able to save you both money and time, meaning that it’s an affordable option, so good for people who might be on a tight budget.

It also has low smoke properties, which is going to be beneficial to the planet.

1 Gallon Genuine OEM Kawasaki 2-Cycle K-Tech Engine Oil

1 Gallon Genuine OEM Kawasaki 2-Cycle K-Tech Engine Oil

And the final oil that we have on this list is from Kawaskai.

What really separates this oil from the other ones on the markets, is that it uses a K-tech blend. This is a special formula which ensures that this oil lubricates to the maximum capacity. As well as helping to lubricate the chain, it will also help to extend the life of the engine. It has low smoke properties so that you can be ensured you’ll be doing minimum damage to the environment. It also has fuel stabilisers in there so you can be guaranteed it’s safe to use. 

2 Stroke engines are a type of engine that are found in most gas powered chainsaws. They operate because one cycle is composed on 2 motions of the pistons. Advantages they have over 4 cycle engines is that they’re lighter, so better for hand held tools such as chainsaws.

On this list today, we have covered the six 2 cycle oils that I personally believe are the best ones on the market. However, that’s not to say that they’re the only ones. It’s always going to be a good idea to take a look for yourself at what else is on the market.