Best 2 stroke oil for chainsaw

If you own a product that runs on an engine, whether that’s a car, or a chainsaw, one thing you need to make sure that you do, on at least a semi-regular basis, is top up the oil. Without the oil, your engine will not be able to run. It’s the magical liquid that gives it the power to move. On the other hand, it’s not great for the environment as it does realise a load of toxic pollutants into the air.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best oils for two stroke engines.

What is a two stroke engine

A two stroke engine is any engine that completes one cycle within two strokes of the piston. Advantages of these types of engine that they’re lighter than the alternative; 4 stroke engines.

The way these engines work is when the piston is down, the new gas can enter into the upper chamber. And when the piston goes up again, this gas is pressurised, and hits a spark at the top of the engine. Meanwhile, the exhaust gases escape out of a separate valve.

If that sounds complicated, that’s because it is. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of people who uses engines on a regular basis who don’t understand them either.

2 stroke vs 4 stroke

The biggest difference between two stroke and four stroke oils that two stroke will need to be mixed with gasoline. This is because four stroke engines have an automatic lubrication system that two stroke engines do not.

What happens then if you attempt to use 4 stroke oil in a situation where you should be using 2 stroke oil?
Well, the main thing is that there will be a bigger build up of soot, this will impact the performance of the engine by making it not work as efficiently and increasing the chances of it becoming clogged up.

Here are my personal top 6 2 stroke engine oils….

Universal Low Smoke 2 Stroke Oil for All 2 Stroke Engines

Universal Low Smoke 2 Stroke Oil for All 2 Stroke Engines

The first one on this list Universal Low Smoke. This one, as the name will probably suggest, prides itself on the fact that it doesn’t produce too much smoke.

It claims that whilst it works well in all two stroke engines, it works best in engines for handheld products, such as chainsaws.

The bottle also has a really nice design with a small dosage department at the top so that you can always ensure you’re giving your chainsaw just the right amount.

And don’t worry if you don’t use your chainsaw too much, because this stuff has a shelf life of 6 years.

Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil

Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil

Next on the list, we have a budget friendly, but also workman friendly 2 stroke oil from Comma. This is a great product for those who don’t have the highest budget in the world, but still want a high quality oil.
The amount of ash it produces is very low, so you won’t be needing to clean out the engine too often. It also mixes with fuel incredibly easily, so they’ll be no need to worry about anything of that sort. It also has an easy start formula.

EXPLORER 2 Cycle Engine Oil

EXPLORER 2 Cycle Engine Oil

The next oil on this list is from the company known as ‘Explorer’. It comes in a sleek looking black bottle that’s easy to store, and unlike some other bottles, it’s also easy to open. As with other oils, in order to figure out how much oil you need to add for each part gasoline, you’ll need to look at the users manual for the chainsaw.

One great thing about this particular oil is that it contains fuel stabiliser. This is an important safety chemical that ensures the gasoline in your chainsaw won’t combust when it doesn’t need to.

Buzzard Creek Supply 3 STIHL Oil Mix 1 Gallon HP 2-Cycle Engine Oil

Buzzard Creek Supply 3 STIHL Oil Mix 1 Gallon HP 2-Cycle Engine Oil

Fourthly on this list, we have an oil from the company ‘Buzzard Creek Supply’. It comes in a simple orange bottle, with no fancy packaging. The oil itself is actually made by the chainsaw company STIHL. That means it’s from an established brand, so you know you’re getting a good product.

When you buy from the link above, you can get them in a special deal, because you won’t only be getting one bottle, but you’ll be getting three. It ships to anywhere in America within 3 business days.

It’s a simple product, but boy does it do the job that it’s supposed to.

AMSOIL Saber Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

AMSOIL Saber Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

Preliminarily, we have a blue oil from Amsoil. This particular brand of oil prides itself on being one oil that covers all mix ratios. This means that no what the mix ratio of oil to gasoline that your chainsaw needs, this oil is going to be able to do the job.

It also claims that it’s able to save you both money and time, meaning that it’s an affordable option, so good for people who might be on a tight budget.

It also has low smoke properties, which is going to be beneficial to the planet.

1 Gallon Genuine OEM Kawasaki 2-Cycle K-Tech Engine Oil

1 Gallon Genuine OEM Kawasaki 2-Cycle K-Tech Engine Oil

And the final oil that we have on this list is from Kawaskai.

What really separates this oil from the other ones on the markets, is that it uses a K-tech blend. This is a special formula which ensures that this oil lubricates to the maximum capacity. As well as helping to lubricate the chain, it will also help to extend the life of the engine. It has low smoke properties so that you can be ensured you’ll be doing minimum damage to the environment. It also has fuel stabilisers in there so you can be guaranteed it’s safe to use. 

2 Stroke engines are a type of engine that are found in most gas powered chainsaws. They operate because one cycle is composed on 2 motions of the pistons. Advantages they have over 4 cycle engines is that they’re lighter, so better for hand held tools such as chainsaws.

On this list today, we have covered the six 2 cycle oils that I personally believe are the best ones on the market. However, that’s not to say that they’re the only ones. It’s always going to be a good idea to take a look for yourself at what else is on the market.

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