Biodegradable bar and chain oil: Can you use it?

As you continue working with chainsaws, you will realize that there are different types of lubricants in the market. Every lubricant is manufactured to serve a specific function at a given time; therefore, you might need to gather more information before deciding on which oil to buy.

It is essential to first understand the significance of bar and chain oil in the general operation of a chainsaw. A gasoline-powered chainsaw requires two kinds of oil – motor oil and bar/chain oil – to work effectively. An electric chainsaw, on the other hand, only needs the bar and chain oil.

Motor oil is used to lubricate internal parts of the gas engine. An electric chainsaw doesn’t need this because it has an electric motor in place of an engine.

Importance of Bar and Chain Oil

You should not run any chainsaw, whether electric or gas-powered, without bar and chain oil. This oil helps lubricate the chain and bar, hence reducing the friction between them.

Can a chainsaw operate without bar and chain oil? Of course, it can run. But the friction that develops between the chain and the guide bar will render it inefficient. The engine will be strained, and you might end up replacing several parts within a short period.

What is a biodegradable bar and chain oil?

You must have come across the word ‘biodegradable’ while looking for the best chainsaw oil. It means anything that can be decomposed by bacteria and integrated into the soil hence avoiding environmental pollution.

Since bar and chain oil works on the chain, it might be spilled off from time to time. If you are using the standard oil, there are high chances that you will pollute the environment in which you are working. As a matter of fact, this is one of the main disadvantages of using chainsaws to cut down trees.

In recent years, manufacturers have worked out several ways to reduce such pollution. One of these ways is the use of biodegradable chain guide bar oil. In case you spill this oil, it will be decomposed and become part of the soil.

Is biodegradable oil an effective lubricant?

Much has been said about the effectivity of these oils and whether they are better than the standard lubricant in reducing friction. It is important to note that most of these lubricants are from the same manufacturers who came up with the traditional oils.

Factors to consider when selecting a biodegradable oil

Biodegradable lubricants come with different properties, some of which might not be ideal for your chainsaw. Therefore, you will need to consider several factors before deciding which one to buy.

The main thing to put in mind is the task you wish to accomplish. Note that heavy tasks lead to more heat production than the lighter ones. This temperature variation determines the weight of the lubricant required. That brings us to the first factor; oil thickness – the thicker the oil, the higher the chances of staying on the chain. In warmer conditions, you should use more viscous oil while in colder conditions, it is advisable to use oil that freely runs at room temperature.

Your financial department should also be considered when it comes to buying a new bar and chain oil. Different manufacturers charge differently for their products. But as you plan your budget, know that the quality of these oils is directly proportional to their cost.

The best biodegradable bar and chain oil

Are you on the lookout for the best chain guide bar oil? Here are some environmentally friendly options from which you could pick. Ensure you read the manufacturer’s manual first before making your final decision. Every chainsaw has a brand of oil that works best as its lubricant.

Stihl BioPlus Bar & Chain Oil

Stihl BioPlus Bar & Chain Oil

Manufactured by one of the best in the business, Stihl BioPlus provides maximum lubrication to your chain during operation. This vegetable-based oil maintains its high performance regardless of the working circumstances. Whether it is too hot or too cold, Stihl BioPlus never loses its lubricity and adhesion.

It has won the Blue Angel environmental award for its ability to decompose in the soil thoroughly. What sets it apart from the rest of biodegradable lubricants is that it doesn’t pollute water. As such, it can be used around the aquatic life without any fear of endangering the animals or upcoming plants.

Husqvarna X-Guard Premium Chain & Bar Oil

Husqvarna X-Guard Premium Chain & Bar Oil

Another famous player in the world of power tools is Husqvarna. Apart from chainsaws and other tools, the company also manufactures bar and chain oil.

Husqvarna X-Guard is one of the best lubricants currently in the market and is best known for its biodegradable features. It can decompose entirely after only 28 days. As such, it is safe to use in an area where environmental cleanliness is prioritized. The premium tackifier additive ensures that the oil maintains its lubrication for optimum performance.

NV Earth Biodegradable Oil

NV Earth Biodegradable Oil

Manufactured with American seed oils, NV Earth is one of the ultimate environmentally friendly lubricants available in the market. It is designed from renewable resources that ensure low carbon footprints and high decomposition. If you are looking for a chainsaw lubricant that will improve your machine’s performance and maintain high environmental standards, then NV Earth is your best choice.

Closing Remarks

With more environmental regulations in recent years, there has never been a better time to try biodegradable lubricants. There are many types of such oils in the market, and it is upon you to choose the right one for your chainsaw.

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