What kind of oil does an electric chainsaw use?

Whether you own an electric or gasoline-powered chainsaw, you will need lubricating oil to facilitate its performance. How do electric and gasoline chainsaws defer? Even though both can cut through woods of particular diameters, electric and gas-based chainsaws have several differences. The main factor that differentiates the two is the source of energy. Gasoline saws generate their power through gas engines. An electric chainsaw, on the other hand, has a motor that is powered by either a portable battery or the mains electricity.

Most gas-powered chainsaws will require that you mix gasoline with oil before refilling. Electric chainsaws will only need bar and chain lubricating oil. As a beginner, finding the right oil for your chainsaw can be an intimidating task. Note that if you don’t use the recommended type of oil, you might end up damaging your chainsaw. So, what kind of oil does your electric chainsaw use?

What kind of oil does an electric chainsaw use

Gas and Oil Mixture

This is only applicable to the gasoline chainsaws. In this case, gas is mixed with oil at a ratio of 50:1. You should be careful with the amount of oil you add in your chainsaw’s fuel since it determines the general operation of the machine. Too little oil makes the chainsaw inefficient, while too much of it may damage the engine.

Bar and Chain Oil

Both electric and gasoline chainsaws need lubricating oil for the bar and chain. Usually, the manufacturer will indicate where you should pour the oil. After buying a new chainsaw, you will also need to secure a bar and chain oil (this is bought separately). In some chainsaws, there is a transparent window where you can easily check the oil level.

Can you run an electric chainsaw without bar oil?

Many beginners ask this question, maybe because of the extra costs that come with buying bar and chain oil. Well, the short answer is, “NO!” It is better to spend a few more bucks and lubricate your saw than risk damaging it. So, why is bar and chain oil important to an electric chainsaw?

During cutting, the chain moves quite first and also comes into contact with the bar. The friction generated in the process eats away the metal. This is the reason why you will need to make sure that this part is constantly lubricated during operation. As such, it will increase the durability and efficiency of your saw.

How to Add Bar and Chain Oil to Your Electric Chainsaw

Now that you are well aware of the significance of bar and chain oil to your electric chainsaw let us see how to refill it. As stated earlier, new chainsaws do not come prefilled with oil. Therefore, you will first need to buy the recommended oil separately. Once you have everything set, follow the procedures below.

  1. Remove the portable battery when refilling a cordless chainsaw or disconnect from the mains supply if it is a corded one. Remember, electric chainsaws are very easy to start. Therefore, any mistake could lead to injuries if the chainsaw is connected to an active power source. Place the saw on a flat surface and allow it to cool.
  2. Look for a cap labeled “bar oil” (or something similar) and clean it to get rid of any debris. You can skip this part if it is a new chainsaw because, well, it is still clean. Now turn the cap in an anticlockwise direction to open then remove it.
  3. Place a small funnel into the tank and pour the bar and chain oil. Some people prefer pouring the oil directly to the tank, but I recommend using a funnel because it makes work a lot easier and prevents spilling. Make sure you don’t exceed the “full mark” just below the tank’s neck.
  4. Remove the funnel, place the cap back to its position and close it. Wipe off any spillage, and you are good to go!

What type of Oil Does an Electric Chainsaw Use?

So far, you have learned that good electric chainsaws do not use fuel to run. As such, the only kind of oil they will need is the bar and chain oil. This oil is used by all chainsaws to lubricate the chain. However, not all oils labelled “bar and chain” are ideal for your saw. JosephFiorePainter.com wants to say thanks to PowerOfTool.com blog for help us.

The first thing you should do before purchasing a lubricant is to check the manufacturer’s manual. Every chainsaw manufacturer recommends a specific bar and chain oil for the saw. What distinguishes one bar oil from another?

  • The main difference is their viscosity. One chainsaw will work best with a highly viscous oil while another needs lighter oil. For instance, if your saw is designed for heavy tasks, the heat generated by the chain and bar will be high. As such, the manufacturer might recommend using a more viscous oil to prevent quick evaporation. Weather conditions may also determine the weight of oil used.
  • Your place of operation is also another determinant of the kind of oil you can use. Manufacturers give alternatives in their manual, and this is meant to widen your range of options. For instance, if you are working deep in the forest, you ought to keep in mind the safety of wildlife. As such, your best choice of oil will be the vegetable bar and chain oil. This will not have used adverse effects on animals and other living things if it spills off.

Closing Remarks

Next time you go to the store, ensure that you pick the right kind of oil for your chainsaw. You can check the manufacturer’s manual to find out which bar and chain oil is ideal for your electric chainsaw. If you can’t find the oil recommended by the manufacturer, go for the closest alternative.

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